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The Alabama Poultry and Egg Association is the trade organization of the poultry industry in Alabama. The membership base is unique because all segments of the poultry industry are represented. AP&EA is a not-for-profit, member-driven organization, governed by a board of directors from various sectors of the poultry industry. The membership base of roughly 3500 people and companies is made up of poultry producers, allied suppliers, and agricultural agencies to ensure that Alabama is a healthy and profitable place to produce poultry products.

With help attained industry-wide, AP&EA promotes poultry across Alabama. The economic impact on Alabama is $15 billion, which is ten percent of the entire state economy. Poultry in Alabama is responsible for over 86,000 jobs. Because of the technological advances and continued product research, the cost of poultry to the consumer has remained at virtually the same level since the 1950's.For centuries, poultry has played an important role on the family farm. Poultry has served as a vital food source in many American lives.


During the Depression and War years, the commercial potential of broilers and eggs was noticed. Rolling stores and live poultry buyers began selling live chickens and eggs in local towns and cities. A new concept, mass production of poultry, materialized. Hatcheries sprang up and began selling baby chicks to local farmers.

People began to realize the monetary potential of poultry, and the modern poultry industry was born. From this beginning hatched feed mills, commercial egg producers, and processing plants. Hence the beginning of the most remarkable era in agriculture, the poultry industry.

In the coming years, with the world population predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050, Alabama poultry production will play a major role in feeding the world. Emerging economies will move from rice and fiber based diets to more protein. Poultry can provide affordable protein sources.

The Alabama Poultry and Egg Association was established to educate people and institutions about this new industry and the prosperous future that is ahead. The Association set guidelines to serve the industry, and still does today. AP&EA has grown to be the voice for all facets of the poultry industry. AP&EA will continue to build on the foundation laid with a dream, sweat, and hard work.

As the industry grew and prospered, the Association grew to meet its needs. Presently, the poultry industry accounts for almost 65.6% of the state's farm income and is a world leader in broiler production. AP&EA is proud to serve Alabama's number one agricultural commodity.

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