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Evening of Fun - June 10, 2023



Alabama’s poultry industry generates more than $15 billion in revenue each year. It accounts an astounding 67% of annual farming revenue in the state and employs more than 86,000 workers on farms, processing plants and allied industries.

The Alabama Poultry and Egg Association supports this industry through education, communication, research and public affairs involvement.


APEA’s success is made possible through supporters like you who invest in Alabama’s future. Sixty-five percent of our revenue comes from “Evening of Fun” ticket sales. These funds support APEA programs such as student education, continuing education for industry personnel and producers, research, product promotion and public relations. Thank you for helping us to make this year successful. Poultry is good for you and great for Alabama.


“Evening of Fun” ticket purchases may be deducted as a business expense for federal income tax purposes but not as a charitable contribution.


$25.00 of each ticket purchased is contributed to the Alabama Poultry Trust. The trust financially assists candidates who support our state’s economic growth. If you do not wish to contribute to the trust, you may receive a refund without any threat of reprisal. Refunds must be requested before July 1, 2023.


When: June 10, 2022 - 7 p.m. (Doors open one hour prior)

Where: Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex concert hall

Tickets: TBA

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