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As the governing body of the Association, the board of directors’ number one, primary duty is to assure member needs are met. 


The board evaluates and approves new programs, plans the Association’s future, establishes board policy, sets financial goals, evaluates Association structure, current programs and staff periodically, and in all things works to meet member needs.  The Board meets a minimum of four times each year.

The business and affairs of this association is conducted and managed by the board of directors. This 30 member board consists of:

  • 5 officers of the Association (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and immediate past president)

  • 6 members representing processors

  • 6 members representing growers

  • 2 members representing Allied Industry

  • 1 member representing Feed and Grain Industry

  • 10 at large members


The Executive Committee makes recommendations to the board as does any other committee, but the Executive Committee may also act on behalf of the board in emergency situations that may arise between board meetings.

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