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  • Eliminating the state sales tax on shavings and sawdust

  • Reducing sales tax on equipment

  • Abolishing the state sales tax on curtains

  • Removing the state sales tax on LP and natural gas

  • Elimination of the egg packing tax

  • Protecting your private property rights

  • Enhancing our state diagnostic laboratory


  • Passing the agricultural production sales exemption laws for poultry farmers, production and processing

The legislature represent the people. Each citizen has a House of Representative member and a member of the Senate that represent them in Montgomery.  It is very important that your House and Senate members hear your position on issues you have an interest in.  


AP&EA advocates for the poultry industry (poultry producers, processing companies and the allied membership) in Alabama. Decisions that affect our industry are made in Montgomery through laws and regulations every year. It is very important that your lawmakers hear your position on these decisions.


  • In 2011, raised over $127,000 for poultry growers who suffered tornado damage from the April tornados.

  • In 2013, started the 2+2 program at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville raising scholarship money for students to attend Wallace State in Hanceville for 2 years and take the introductory class in Poultry Science and then transfer to Auburn University to complete a degree in poultry science. In 2016, this program expanded to Gadsden State Community College at their Cherokee Campus and to Wallace State in Dothan.

  • In 2014, started the Alabama poultry license plate to raise more money for scholarships and to help children and grandchildren of local producers no matter where they attend post-secondary education.

  • Led the efforts to raise money for the new Auburn University poultry research farm that is being built north of Auburn to replace the facility built in 1977 south of Auburn.

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